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Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to watch tv on your computer!!

This week on "The Product Review" I take an indepth look into what it takes to have your television right on your computer! the concept seems simple, but with the high costs of cable in the home now-a-days the large companys such as comcast are not going to let just anybody stream channels right to their computer. . well not without a hefty price!

But first lets get firmiliar with the product:


At the beginning of this challenge to find a reliable source of internet streaming television for a low price I was extremely skeptical to where I was going to find this sort of product and if it even existed.

Hours of research and many online blogs later, I came across a product called "SATELLITE DIRECT". Like any product that claims to be able to stream more than 3500 channels, I was a bit hesitant. But I needed to see for myself.

After registering I was able to log into the site and download the software straight from their site. I was expecting actual hardware to be mailed to me but this was a nice surprise to be able to watch tv anywhere I went without any excess boxes and satellites to get in the way, provided your in a hot spot of course.

Now lets talk about the product! First off I was impressed at the quality of all the channels I recieved. And these arn't just any generic channels that the satelite company picks up from an unreliable source.. NO NO every channel I could think of was streaming right to my computer.. all of the packages that I bought from Comcast seemed like a horrible waste! every channel was right there!! unbelieveable!

So if you are looking for an extremely cheap and simple way to turn your computer into a fully functioning televison I only have answer for you!